Tools For Success: Attitudes, Thoughts and Beliefs

To keep the title of this writing brief, I left out one very important word: “Positive”.

Everyone has attitudes; we all have thoughts; we all have beliefs. But where do they land on the scale of negative to positive?


In any realm, whether it is school or job or relationships, our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs will determine the level of satisfaction, happiness, or success in those areas. And to go a little deeper- sometimes negativity in one area can spread into all the other areas, making it difficult to succeed anywhere.

We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. Some of us were really blessed and were given all the tools we would need for success from the time we were very young. Some of us were not so fortunate and have needed to work a little harder at it.

When it comes to Making Money Online, or any life endeavor, where we come from and how we think can have a tremendous impact on our measure of success. Our beliefs alone can steer the course of an entire lifetime. It is my opinion that beliefs are the hardest to turn around because one first has to have an experience that opposes that belief before we will question it. Sometimes that happens by chance and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes our negative beliefs can be so ingrained we miss the opportunity to choose a different thought.

Perhaps this is not an issue everyone faces; but I know scores of people, myself included, that have really had to work hard at turning the negatives into positives. We really do create our own reality. We make statements to ourselves that can really limit our potential and thwart our success. Most of the time, we probably don’t even realize we do it.

Some examples might be:

  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “I am broke”
  • “I am never going to be able to retire”
  • “I am such a fool”
  • “I can’t do that”
  • “I am never going to get ahead”
  • “I’ll never get out of debt”
  • “I am stuck in this dead-end job”
  • “I can’t seem to do anything right today”

I suspect one reason we can be drawn to the flashy, ‘get rich quick’ and that we see on the internet is because it screams “YES YOU CAN!!!”- when we may have been telling ourselves we “can’t”. If we are really honest with ourselves, each of us has a reason, a prime motivator, for being urged in the direction of making money online. We are unsatisfied, unfulfilled or even extremely unhappy in our present circumstance.

So, what can we do?

We can begin by turning our words around; take certain words out of our vocabulary; make positive statements out loud. If we can change the way we speak about a thing, we can change our thoughts about a thing. When we can change our thought patterns toward the positive, we begin to open ourselves to possibilities… and a possibility is certainly more positive.

“I am…”, “I will…”, and “I can…” statements are so powerful. We should be deliberate with them and use them to keep our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs in check. Even when we doubt, we can use them to affirm who we really are. We are all huge successes just waiting to be believed in, and that belief must come from within ourselves first.

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